Scientific Articles

Kenda, Klemen; Škrjanc, Maja; Borštnik, Andrej. Modelling in Energy Related Scenarios. Paper at SiKDD2015 workshop. Link to Klemen Kenda presenting at SiKDD2015 –

Zajec, Patrik, Marko Grobelnik. Indexing of large n-gram collection. Paper at SiKDD2015 workshop. Link to video:

Stopar, Luka. A multi-scale methodology for explaining data streams. Paper at SiKDD2015 workshop. Link to video:

Koronaki, Irene; Škrjanc, Maja; Hubina, Tatsiana; Kalaboukas, Kostas; Markogiannakis, George; Kenda, Klemen; Mokorel, Simon; Nienke, Steffen; Calefato, Catarina: Energy Forecasting and modelling in rural areas. Paper at IISA 2015.

Kenda, Klemen; Škrjanc, Maja;  Borštnik, Andrej: Modelling of the Complex Data Space. Architecture and use cases from NRG4CAST project. Paper presented at IISA 2015.

Kenda, Klemen; Stopar, Luka; Grobelnik, Marko: Multi level Approach to Sensor Streams Analysis. Paper for Discovery Science 2015.

Škrbec, Jasna; Lutz, Theo; Birkmeier, Martin: NRG4Cast Real Time Energy Management and Forecasting in Energy Distribution Networks. In: UdZ – Unternehmen der Zukunft, Nr. 2, Jg. 14 (2013), S. 44 – 46

Koronaki, Irene; Maja, Škrjanc, Rosa Christodoulaki, Jasna Škrbec, Martin Bikrmeier, Kostas Kalaboukas. Energy forecasting in urban – Rural communities. ECOS 2014-27st International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems. Turku, Finland15-19 June 2014

Roscher, Marco; Nienke, Steffen; Rogier, Metha;: Smart Grid and E-Mobility-Toolset – Cloud-basierte Auswertungen und Prognosen in Echtzeit. In: Smart Energy 2014 – Energiewende quer gedacht, Hrsg.: U. Großmann, I. Kunold, C. Engels, Verlag Werner Hülsbusch 2014

Roscher, Marco; Nienke, Steffen: Offene IKT Infrastruktur. In: eMove-Magazin, Nr. 04 (2014), S. 16 – 19