Market Deployment

Market Deployment

The key focus is to identify current policy and market barriers to the deployment and commercialization of energy forecasting technology. Based on examination of the policy landscape and market, a Business models and exploitation plan will be developed to inform decision making. Engagement with key stakeholders will be key to achieving consensus regarding the path to commercialization.

The Business models and exploitation plan will be widely consulted on at several stages with the private and public sector to ensure that the final deliverable truly reflects the policy alterations and developments needed for the sector to reach commercialization. In addition, this consultation process will ensure broad, high level commitment from key policy makers.

The ultimate goal is assessing:

  • using energy forecasting technology on micro level from end consumer
  • deployment of energy forecasting technology on makro level
  • usefulness of technology in smart grids

Market Analyses and Market Assessment

Market Analyses is focused on the study of the market potential for NRG4Cast to all stakeholders. Through this, the consortium will define the market characteristics and will try to position the proposed solution in a way that will create value to its stakeholders. The output for the market analysis will provide the necessary information for the definition of NRG4Cast exploitation plan and various business models. A special attention will be given to the analysis of the performance of the existing software tools and ICT systems (some of them mentioned in the state of the art section) that are operating at various stakeholders.

Business models and Exploitation Plan

The final document will form the basis for the successful implementation of technology. It will include the business aspects of commercialization of the project results but also agreement on intellectual property rights, data privacy and security issues. At the end of first project year an Exploitation guidelines together with initial models and exploitation plan will be created providing the exploitation framework and outlining the basic exploitation strategy paving the way for the successful exploitation of project results Based on that, several activities to support exploitation will be carried out during the project lifetime and the final Exploitation and Business Plan will be issued at the end of the project based on the results of the Market Analysis, the feedback from the piloting activities, validation activities and including the final partners’ commitments about the project results.