Here you can read about what’s new in NRG4Cast, when we have open meetings and where you can meet us at conferences.

6th Workshop organized by CSI: LUNCH SEMINAR. Environmental Sustainability, Energy savings and Green Economy

Date: 30th November 2015. Place: SALONE D’ONORE, CASTELLO DEL VALENTINO, Turin.

5th International Conference on Power and Energy Systems

Date: 23rd-25th November 2015. Place: Lisbon, Portugal.

Workshop on NRG4Cast Energy forecasting and management services

Date: 18th November 2015. Place: Athens, Greece.

European Utility Week

Date: 4. -5. November 2015. Place: Vienna, Austria.

Kompetenztreffen Elektomobilität NRW

Date: 4. November 2015. Place: Essen, Germany.

EMENDER workshop presentations at Videolectures.NET portal

EMENDER – Energy Management, Prediction and Big Data Elaboration workshop

Date: 6th October 2015. Place: Ljubljana. Slovenia.

8th Project meeting will be held in October in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Date: 7.-8. October 2015. Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia.

NRG4Cast Slovenian KDD Conference on Data Mining and Data Warehouses (SiKDD), Ljubljana 2015

Presentation at SiKDD2015 workshop – video at Videolectures.NET

Date: 5. October 2015. Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia.

NRG4Cast at 6. Aachener Informationsmanagementtagung (AIT2015)

Date: September 2015. Place: Aachen, Germany.

ORIGIN project conference: Optimisation of Community Scale Renewables

Date: Thursday, September 24, 2015. Place: Politecnico di Torino, Turin

Modelling of the Complex Data Space. Architecture and use cases from NRG4CAST project. Paper presented at IISA 2015.
Date: 6.-8. July 2015. Place: Corfu, Greece.

Energy Forecasting and modelling in rural areas. Paper at IISA 2015.

Date: 6.-8. July 2015. Place: Corfu, Greece.

NRG4Cast organises EMENDER 2015 – Energy ManagemENt Data ElaboRation
1st International Workshop on Energy Management, Prediction and Big Data Elaboration

Date: 6. October 2015. Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia.

NRG4Cast paper accepted to the 6th IEEE International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications (IISA2015)

Date: 6.-8. July 2015. Place: Corfu, Greece.

NRG4Cast at M2M Conference

Date: 9. June 2015. Place: Vienna, Austria.

NRG4Cast at CloudOpting

Date: 29. April 2015. Place: SMAU, Turin, Italy.

NRG4Cast in La Reppublica

Date: 28.April 2015.

EeB PPP Impact workshop

Date: April 2015. Place: Brussels, Belgium.

European cooperation for energy saving – workshop by CSI

Date: 27.March 2015. Place: CSI premises, Turin, Italy.

NRG4Cast in scope of First SUNSEED Workshop on Advanced Control, Communications and Algorithms for the Smart Grid

Date: 25. March 2015. Place: Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University, Denmark.

6th En.grids conference

Date: 10. February 2015. Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The 2014 SET- Plan Conference

Date: 10.-11. December 2014. Place: Rome, Italy.

6th project meeting

Date: 16.-17. December 2014. Place: Turin, Italy.

NRG4Cast Poster Presentation: Smart Grid & E-Mobility network at Smart Energy Conference

Date: 27.-28.11.2014 Place: Dortmund, Germany.

NRG4Cast Poster Presentation: The NRG4Cast Project at 3. Kompetenztreffen Elektromobilität in NRW

Date: 27.11.2014. Place: Essen, Germany.

Informationsmanagement in der Elektromobilität at Vernetzungskonferenz Elektromobilität

Date: 19.-20.11.2014. Place: Berlin, Germany.

NRG4Cast presented at National Conference in Thessaloniki

Date: 26.-28. November 2014. Place: Thessaloniki, Greece.

NRG4Cast presented at Building green expo

Date: 21.-23. November 2014, Athens, Greece.

NRG4Cast in Modre Prakse –  collection of best energy efficiency practices in 2014

Date: 18. November 2014. Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia.

NRG4Cast in CSI Piemonte Magazine

Date: 30. October 2014. Place: Turin, Italy.

NRG4Cast won a special award for the best energy efficiency project according to the public at the Modre Prakse 2014 contest

Date: 28.10.2014. Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia.

5th project meeting

Date: 21.-22. 10. 2014. Place: Aachen, Germany.

NRG4Cast presented at a Workshop “Building and renovating in a sustainable way: from strategy to realization”

Date: 17.Octber 2014. Place: Idrija, Slovenia.

NRG4Cast presented at Discovery Science

Date: 8.-10.  October 2014. Place: Bled, Slovenia.

NRG4Cast at portal

Date: 4. October 2014. Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Awareness raising campaign at CSI

Date: October 2014. Place: CSI Building, Turin, Italy.

 NRG4Cast presented at Class Conference

Date: 25. September 2014. Place: Bled, Slovenia.

Building energy management systems and technology [part of seminar]

Date: 16.- 17. 07. 2014. Place: Pireaus, Greece

ECOS 2014, 27th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems

“Energy forecasting in urban – rural communities”

Date: 15.-19. June 2014. Place: Turku, Finland.

4th project meeting

Date: 13.-15. 5. 2014. Place: Athens, Greece.

NRG4Cast presented at Green Connected World: The Cloud of Things

Date. 10. April 2014, Athens, Greece.




Speech in the Greeen Connected world conference in Athens titled:
“The importance of Internet of Things in the Smart Cities and SingularLogic activities in this field”

NRG4Cast project was presented among other SingularLogic initiatives.

Date: 10. 4. 2014. Place: Athens, Greece.

Review meeting

Date: 11. 4. 2014. Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia. (Rehearsal date: 9. 4. 2014)

Greek partnership (CRES, NTUA, SingularLogic) meeting with the Greek Independent Power Transmission Operator

Date: 13. 2. 2014. Place: Athens, Greece.

3rd project meeting

Date: 04.-06. 11. 2013. Place: Turin, Italy.

6th European Conference on ICT 4 Transport Logistics

Date: 23-25. 10. 2013 (FIR attended)

Environmental Software Systems-symposium

Date: 9.-11. 10. 2013 (JSI attended)

INIT/AERFAI summer School

Date: 24.-28. 6. 2013 (JSI attended)

2nd project meeting

Date: 13.-14. 5. 2013. Place: Singular Logic, Athens, Greece.

Envigence case study meeting

Date: 21.-22. 3. 2013. Place: Envigence HQ, Solkan, Slovenia.

Zlati kamen–municipality conference–smart cities, Slovenia

Date: 15. 3. 2013 (Envigence attended)

Energy-efficient Buildings

Date: 12.-13. 3. 2013 (JSI attended)


Date: 21.-22. 2. 2013 (JSI attended)

CSI case study meeting

Date: 5.-6. 2. 2013. Place: CSI, Turin, Italy.

NTUA case study meeting

Date: 23.-25. 1. 2013. Place: NTUA campus, Athens, Greece.

Kickoff meeting

Date: 13.-14. 12. 2012. Place: Hotel Slon, Ljubljana, Slovenia.