The below sub sections present the pilot domain that NRG4Cast will focus.

  • MUNICIPALITIES PILOT: Street lighting in Municipality Miren-Kostanjevica, Slovenia.

This will be demonstrated by Miren-Kostanjevica in Slovenia with additional more than 40 neighbouring municipalities in Slovenia and Italy that are in the process of entering Light as a service model with project partner Envigence. Miren-Kostanjevica will serve as a living laboratory that already installed more than 250 LED streetlights that are connected through the Envigence Cognitive Network.


(Miren city sensor network (Miren-Kostanjevica by Envigence)

Every light has a wireless sensor node with multiple sensors that are able to monitor external information and a local reasoning capability. Further to street lighting, Miren-Kostanjevica will also integrate its urban environment monitoring service. Because of already available installed CO2 and NOx sensors in Miren-Kostanjevica, the project will be able to do very exact measurements of CO2 and NOx reduction and mine correlations and rules with the energy grid and external factors.. Furthermore, local community renewable sources will be included in the pilot. This case will be implemented by project partner Envigence.

(Managing municipality infrastructure (by Envigence)
  • CAMPUS PILOT: NTUA University Campus.

National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) Campus consisting of 62 buildings with high demand in electricity, heating and cooling, with serious considerations of monitoring energy consumption both from environmental but also economical point of view. Project partners NTUA and CRES as experts in renewable energy sources will work together closely to develop this case. Additionally, the campus case will get external information from the national authorities on the nearest photovoltaic parks/ installations with the necessary capacity that could help in satisfying the forecasted demand.

(National Technical University of Athens – Campus area)
  • SMART CITY/REGION PILOT: A city-like scenario of Piedmont (Piemonte), City of Turin, Italy.

By monitoring energy consumption in historical cities, aiming to make the citizens more environmental friendly and also improving energy efficiency and predicting the energy consumption in historical buildings through gathering and monitoring information will be carried out by project partner CSI Piemonte. In this case project partner IREN Renovabili will provide data from the network consisted from traditional and renewable energy sources as the energy provider/distributor.


The Iren pilot concerns Thermal Energy Production and District Heating (DH) distribution to a target set of buildings.

Data are collected from 5 Thermal Energy production plants in Reggio Emilia and 6 thermal substations that distribute DH to the offices, warehouses, and                    laboratories in the Iren Headquarter, called Campus Nubi, in Reggio Emilia

Expected results of the use of the NRG4CAST platform concerns:
–  the forecast of the amount of thermal energy to be produced and provided to the city network by the Thermal energy production plants in advance of 2 days
–  the forecast of the water temperature to be supplied to the target buildings in Campus Nubi in order to keep a fixed indoor temperature (e.g. 20°)

The overall aim is improving thermal energy production efficiency and energy saving of DH supply.

  • ELECTRIC CARS PILOT: Smart charging.

A smart charging method for electrical vehicles and solutions for forecasting energy demand from electrical vehicles into the urban/ neighbourhood area. A smart charging solution will be realized by project partner FIR.