Related activities


The purpose of the AMBASSADOR project is to study, develop and experiment systems and tools that will aim at optimising the energy usage in the perimeter of a district by managing the energy flows, predicting and mastering energy consumption and energy production. The overall goal is to define and experiment a system that optimises the cost of energy in a district, the cost being expressed in Primary Energy, CO₂or €. The project will investigate energy efficiency both at a building level and at a district level. A number of mechanisms and technical systems will be studied both at buildings and district level for the creation of such a system. The deployment timeframe of AMBASSADOR is around four years. The major part of results should be usable for transfer to development teams at the end of the project.


logotype_colour-cmyk-300x55ProaSense’s core goal in this context is to pave the way for an efficient transmission from Sensing into Proactive enterprises. By being one of early adopters in this shift from a reactive to the proactive computing, we expect that the results from this project will have a considerable impact on developing new class of systems that will be in essence of a world where it is possible to prevent problems or capitalize on opportunities before they even occur. Beside scientific and technical excellence, several other mechanisms will be applied for ensuring such an impact. This will be achieved through the adoption of the Observe-Orient-Decide-Act (OODA) loop of situational awareness and development of corresponding technologies supporting a scalable, distributed architecture for the management and processing of big-data that will eventually enable continuous monitoring and the need for service adaptation and propose corresponding changes in an (semi-) automatic way.


sunseed_logoSUNSEED proposes an evolutionary approach to utilisation of already present communication networks from both energy and telecom operators. These can be suitably connected to form a converged communication infrastructure for future smart energy grids offering open services. Life cycle of such communication network solutions consists of six steps: overlap, interconnect, interoperate, manage, plan and open. Joint communication networking operations steps start with analysis of regional overlap of energy and telecommunications operator infrastructures.




Mobis-logoMOBIS – Personalized mobility services is creating a new concept and solution of a federated, customized and intelligent mobility platform by applying novel Future Internet technologies and Artificial Intelligence methods that will monitor, model and manage the urban mobility complex network of people, objects, natural, social and business environment in real-time.


dimmer_logo300x251DIMMER – District Information Modelling and Management for Energy Reduction project is set to be one of the first to provide insights on our energy future. Using sensors to gather data on energy use in districts and cities, researchers are building sophisticated computer models, which could provide the most complete view of smarter energy use in the future.







OSCar_Logo_cmyk O(SC)²ar project that is funded by the federal ministry for economic affairs and energy ( It aims at transferring the Aachen modular system for electric vehicles (“Concept Zeitgeist”) to ICT, as well as electrical and electronics (ICTEE) architecture. Due to the provided Open Service Cloud for electric vehicles, the NRG4Cast project can build on the findings of O(SC)²ar. The knowledge gained from this research project can be used as a foundation to establish the data connection between the vehicles and the NRG4Cast platform.




energy countsEMPOWERING – ENERGY COUNTS project, which aims at increasing energy efficiency in network services. The overall aim of the project is to empower consumers by involving and informing them, helping them take measures to save energy on the basis of the information they read on their meters or on their bills. Iren effort in the NRG4Cast project has greatly benefited from initial findings and achievements reached within the implementation of EMPOWERING in terms of increased capacities in metering and smart metering activities.



electra-02-6cELECTRA: European Liaison on Electricity Committed Towards long-term Research Activity whose mission is to establish Smart Grids (electricity networks) techniques and control schemes all over Europe. NRG4cast and ELECTRA projects will co-operate in a knowledge transfer regarding the smart grids technologies and applications on a multi-layer approach. Also, the NRG4cast tool can be tested / checked for its functionality and features at a specific WP (WP 7) of Electra project.




logo-BigDataEurope                               BIG DATA EUROPE – Empowering Communities with Big Data Technologies

Big Data Europe will undertake the foundational work for enabling European companies to build innovative multilingual products and services based on semantically interoperable, large-scale, multi-lingual data assets and knowledge, available under a variety of licenses and business models.



messib             MESSIB – Multi Source Energy Storage System Intergrated in buildings

The overall objective of MESSIB project is the development, evaluation and demonstration of an affordable multi-source energy storage system (MESS) integrated in building, based on new materials, technologies and control systems, for significant reduction of its energy consumption and active management of the building energy demand.

download                       MeeFS – Multifunctional energy efficient facade system for building retrofitting

The MeeFS project aims to develop, evaluate and demonstrate an innovative multifunctional façade system for drastically improving the energy efficiency of retrofitting geared towards the residential building sector across Europe.

cropped-header Flexible smart metering for multiple enery vectors with active prosumers

The FLEXMETER project focus is the development and demonstration of a flexible smart metering architecture, based on cheap and already available components, that can be implemented in a plug and play way, combining metering of different services (electricity, water, gas, district heating), providing advanced services to the users, to the DSOs and to the other utilities, and enhancing the possibilities of the retail market.