Deliverables of NRG4Cast project. For full version please contact us.

WP1 Requirements and Data Provision Services

D1.1 Report and library on the existing technology and data

D1.2 Requirements for fully functional prototype

D1.3 Early Toolkit architecture specifications

D1.5 Early prototype of data gathering infrastructure


WP2 Basic Processing and Data Cleaning

D2.1 Initial data processing and specific data adapters

D2.2 Data cleaning and data fusion initial prototype

D2.3 Data cleaning and data fusion final prototype

D2.4 Data distribution prototype

 WP3 Advanced Processing and Modelling

D3.1 Modelling of the Complex Data Space

D3.2 Semantic Enrichment Prototype

D3.3 Metadata Generation Prototype

D3.4 Information Extraction Prototype

WP4 Real-Time Monitoring and Alerting

D4.1 Complex Event Detection

D4.2 Monitoring and alerting environment

D4.3 Root Cause Analysis

 D4.4 – Knowledge Formalization Services

WP5 Real-Time Decision Support and Reasoning

D5.1 Decision Support System and Reasoning Framework

D5.2 – Data Driven Prediction Methods Environment

T D5.3 – Knowledge Driven Planning and Optimization Service

 D5.4 – Situational Awareness Service

WP6 Integration and Toolkit Creation

D6.1 Conceptual Architecture And Design Specifications Of NRG4CAST Toolkit

D6.2 Test cases and overall system evaluation results

D6.3 Data Stream Integration (1st Prototype) [restricted]

D6.4 Real-time Monitoring Integration (2nd Prototype)

NRG4Cast_D.6.5_Final Integrated NRG4CAST Toolkit

WP7 Validation and Pilot Evaluation

D7.1 Validation methodology

D7.2 Pilot scenarios (restricted)

D7. 3_Validation_of laboratory_installation


D7.5_Validation of final rollout

D7.6 Business feasibility report (restricted)

WP8 Business models, Exploitation and Dissemination

D8.1 NRG4Cast Web Site and discussion platform

D8.2 Dissemination material

D8.3_Best Practices guide

D8.4_Report on Community Activities

D8.5 Initial Market Analysis [restricted]

D8.7 Initial Business models and Exploitation Plan [restricted]

D8.8 Final Business plan and Exploitation plan (restricted)

WP9 Project Management

D9.1 Project Handbook [restricted]